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August, 2016


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Ascend is a third-person adventure puzzle game where a young woman must navigate to the top of a mystical mountain to learn its secrets and restore her people’s land to its harmonious state. Puzzles, natural wonders, remnants of a lost civilization, and connections to celestial bodies all await Aurora as she embarks on a journey that has proven to be impossible for all others who had previously tried. Aurora quickly discovers that the mountain is unlike anything she could have imagined. She will have more questions than answers. More clouded judgment than clear direction. She will ultimately discover the crucial role that balance plays in all walks of life, both on and off the mountain.


Early history

Miami Avalon was a side project to begin with in 2016 to help a lot of us to break into the gaming industry. After breaking in, we realised we loved creating our own small games and wanted to continue, under the current company name and make small captivating games. This is something we do in our spare time. Right now, I work as a developer at a AAA company, taking so many learnings to help skill up and one day run Miami Avalon full time with my amazing team. We work through different timezones with a majority of the team members based in the United Kingdom and some in Poland and Sweden.

After that

Although we’re a small team, we have the ambition of creating high-end colorful action adventure open world games, and we are dedicated to master their craft. We are currently a team of 5 core members, occasionally joined by freelancers/ students whom we try to teach what we know, while they teach us what they know. We also work with some recurring collaborators for audio, marketing and more, to bring our games to the standard they deserve.



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Steam Store Page
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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Nareice Wint
Studio Head, Creative Director, Art Director

Mario Mergola
Narrative Designer

Serena Howards
3D Artist, Freelancer

Charlotte Searson
3D Character Artist, Freelancer

Rosie Jarvis
3D Artist, Freelancer

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